Wishing On Full Moon!


Today Jan 16, 2014 will be the first Full Moon of the year, in South Korea.  It is also known as Micro Moon.There’a actually a  “mythical belief”  about Full Moon in my village(many others also).

Full Moon Nights are very special in my village. We have celebration, small feast, etc…   Most people in my village believe  that If you make your wish on Full Moon every month ( must be the same wish), your wish will come true one day!  Long long time ago people use to believe that  during full moon night God send the heaven fairies to earth and the full moon was their guide (light )( of course its just a folk belief).  There’s also alot of people who doesn’t believe in this kind of things but they will do it anyways just to enjoy the beauty of the night moon light.

This may  sound very weird and creepy to you guys but on Full Moon nights every villager in my village comes out together (usually around 10-12) and make our wish together, It has became a tradition here for a couple years. You guys might think its weird but, It feels absolutely heartwarming to me.  My village is very small( about 200 people), every one knows each other, it feels like they are my family, so when every one comes out together and make our wishes, it feels really good. I’m not sure how to explain this feeling to all.   We also turn off all the lights and enjoy the beauty of the pure moon light and the amazing sound of the nature.

Well, you might not believe in wishing on full moon but next time there’s a full moon, just go outside and enjoy the beauty of it, it will definitely take away your stress. Maybe you can make a wish too, who knows it might come true! Try it! You have nothing to lose.


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